Saturday, May 28, 2011

Native Plant Highlight (A new Feature)

Native plants and the insects associated with them are my passion. In order to share some of my love and fascination with native plants, I am beginning to assemble information and my pictures on native plants that my wife Jan and I feel more people in our area would enjoy growing in their gardens or habitat restorations. I want the information to be widely available so this blog and web site are where it is going to be. We are growing most of these plants and trying to make them available through local native plant nurseries, local volunteer native plant sales, and Natural history club native plant exchanges. So I hope this will whet the appetites of plants people so when they see our little plant puppies at a sale or exchange they will recognize their potential and desirability and take them home!

I am always learning about native plants which are unfamiliar to me. I know other people interested in native plants have the same experience all the time. Or sometimes I get the opportunity to grow a native I was interested in but didn't have a way to get seed or a plant to grow. I especially like to know the provenance of the plants I am growing, Pennsylvania or Mid-Atlantic States origin is preferable to me since that is where we live, garden and work on habitat restoration. I wasn't always this picky but under the influence of a number of fellow native plant enthusiasts I have been focusing on natives of known geographic and habitat origin.

If anyone has any requests, suggestions or comments, please leave them in the comments section of any post.

Mike Slater

 Coreopsis tripteris Tall Coreopsis, will be the first one. It will be up soon.

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