Thursday, September 22, 2011

First seed collecting date of the Fall

The beginning of Seed collecting season is here for 2011!

Where: Union Twp Recreation Area in the meadow plantings.
            At the new parking lot off Rte. 724 behind Tim's Ugly Mug Bar.
            This lot is accessed from Campbell Ford Road which is also the access to the bar's parking lot.

When: Saturday October 8 at @ 2:00 pm to 4:30 or so. (Rain Date: Sunday October 9th at 2 pm, watch this web site for announcements.

Bring: Hand Clippers, paper bags, insect repellant

We expect to collect seed of Monarda fistulosa (Lavender Bee Balm), Sorgastrum nutans (Indian Grass) , Pycnanthemum species (Mountain Mints), Asclepias incarnata (Swamp Milkweed), plus any other native plants we find in seed.

Contact Mke (mslater at voicenet dot com) with questions or you put you question in a comment for this post.

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